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Peter Schiff The Coming Economic Collapse by 2014 2015


John Shay says:

Reported to youtube for misleading title

everyone hit the flag under the like button

MrBedeviledOne says:

Nice video, but this guy is way off in valuing stocks. If your investing in
giant low growth stocks, the P/E may be relevant. If you are investing in
IPO’s and tech breakthroughs, P/E don’t mean shit. When a young company
becomes profitable their earnings often grow geometrically same with tech
breakthroughs, there have been many stocks that were great and profitable
buys at over 100 P/E due to this geometric growth. 

wiljam12345 says:

This is Mike Maloney… still great talk

Chris Lavan says:

This guy is a clown…using Schiff’s name to sell his books…look how many
ads are in the video…quotes Robert Kiyosaki right out the gate “Just
write a book”…he’s trying to make money on people who are concerned about
the state of economic affairs…snake oil salesman

Holly Golightly says:

Who care’s if it is Schiff or not? Listen to what he is saying. His
knowledge is valid and he speaks the truth. This is important information.
Humanity has been and is being ripped off. We are in the biggest bubble in
human history and it IS going to burst.

p says:

All this lying in the titles—this is not Peter Schiff

Production431 says:

Where is Peter Schiff?? 

Bosniake says:

This is not Peter Schiff

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