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US Dollar Will Collapse In 2014


trainwreck1993 says:

Japanese and Chinese absolutely hate each other. 

Bobby Knight says:

2014? It very well could be this October or November of 2013.

RogueGoverment says:

The US is a FIAT based economy…

Clayton Clarke says:

nobody wants american money!!!

Róbert Bilka says:

What we need is to have FIAT money, which would be released to the economy by rule (computers) and not by human decisions and private banks. Those new money should be not given to the state as loan with interest, but from state treasury to every citizen individual bank account (the same value).

The amount of money would depend on the exact formula. For example the total amount of money in circulation should be calculated from real production in tonnes, and number of people in working age.

Róbert Bilka says:

2) They can not increase taxes for corporations and rich minorities, because those will not give them money for next reelection.

3) They can not cut federal spending on other things, because that way it will reduce number of jobs and income to private sector, and that leads to the same problem, as in point 1).

So, they can do only one thing, to be re-elected. Do nothing, and hope they can make more depth and survive to the next election.

Róbert Bilka says:

Government, which needs both, bank corporations and votes of majority, can not solve this issue.

Capitalism without regulations forced by majority, always leads to monopoly (market with virtual competition owned by the same owners). And that means majority of people which have nothing (after deducting mortgages, credit cards and all personal debts).

1) They can not reduce social spending or increase individual taxes, because majority will not vote them at next turn again.

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