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US Economy 2014 Collapse – *Peter Schiff* – FED will cause Huge Economic Crisis!


Gerald O'Hare says:

This man is crying wolf. He forgets the shale gas and oil that will change
the world. In fact we are now exporting oil and gas.

Top Notch says:

Just another hooknose shyster flapping his lips. It’s all gobbledegook
bullcrap, not a word is true, he doesn’t give a crap about anyone but
himself, and when the crunch comes, he won’t be anywhere to be seen, and
frankly why should he be? So these interviews with super rich snobs are a
complete waste of time…and don’t be down on the guy! He grew up in the
typical ultra rich surroundings, went to a private Jewish school, learned
all about how to make it rich and simply followed the plan like every other
privileged Jew has who had a free ride with a gold spoon stuck in his mouth
along the way, PAID for by his parents etc. The rest, especially if you’re
a Goy (well, unless you’re a wealthy goy hehe) will get left scrounging for
a few crumbs everyday… and if you get those crumbs, be thankful because
most will get NOTHING… but be careful, all you who are wealthy, the poor
and starving in THIS time period, will be far more violent and dangerous
than in all past times, and they’ll have no problem ripping your throat out
for a warm meal. So best to know when, and be sure you’re OUT of the
limelight. I know I’ll be.

tillallareoneluv says:

collapse. yeah, that’s why peter just purchased a house and continues to
grow his business. Why doesn’t he divest himself of all of those ‘useless’
dollars. the media made this guy rich because he is in ‘the club’. Those
who read know exactly WHO the club is.

Joaquin Bare says:

This dude is a shill for the rich!

Principessa1111 says:

Don’t forget many wealthy Americans have and still are giving up their
citizenship in order to not pay the extra tax

Abdullah Moai says:

What he’s saying makes sense, but I’m not sure who to trust. Peter Schiff
always goes for the “it’s gonna collapse” option because he supports gold.
How do I know that his whole agenda is really to warn people instead of
hyping up gold? Besides, can you even buy physical gold now a days without
inflated prices?

tugg59 says:


usflagwaver says:

Why are people not furious that we spend over 13 trillion dollars a year on
social services for people who are here illegally who hold over 7 million
jobs OUTSIDE AGRICULTURE that our own people need and want?

ComputerTrainer101 says:

The wealthy just invest and pay 15% on capital gains if they actually sell
something and make a gain. Some of them pay nothing. Much less than middle
class employees who pay 25% and up.

David Thompson says:

This Video has made My 2013 Top 10 List of Videos! #08

Jack Rainbow says:

No one will believe it until it actually happens, exactly like 1929. The
answer is to produce goods and services and sell them. Stop fiddling with
your money organs and produce! But, refusal to acknowledge reality leaves
the US anxiously playing with itself.

Tin Cup says:

My gold and silver bars are smiling at me right now.

Sacred Warlock says:

We must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering, for our own
ease and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow. – D. Eisenhower

Cole Miller says:

This guy’s full of shit. More taxes on the middle class? How about
confiscating off-shored corporate profits? Stripping banksters of their
assets? Nationalizing the big banks, instead of paying the crooks to steal
from us? Closing foreign bases and redirecting money wasted on the military
toward rebuilding infrastructure and creating millions of new jobs? Fuck
this guy – a plutocrat with his lips firmly attached to the nanny state’s
big fat teat.

Bryan Waitman says:

Do away with the military industrial complex and bring our troops home.
Don’t fuck me out of the social security I’ve been forced to pay for 30
plus years. We don’t need to be the global mafia just able to secure our
country and ourselves. Who gives a shit about the rest of the world they
can eat fish heads.

Jim Rich says:

go to and come back and revisit your comments. Revision
is more likely once informed with unbias real time information

Randy Sparks says:

This Goverment needs to file bakruptcy and start anew.

leighatkins22 says:

I have an idea to save the world economy – get all the rich fatcats & fat,
spoiled Americans to line up & have the fat sucked out of their
ever-widening behinds. Then sell this to the asians who can either inject
it into their rich FLAT butts, or burn it to fuel their production
factories & power their growing economies. Problem solved! Next!

Charles Thomas says:


John Mackenzie says:

Fuck you Peter – your powers of prediction have proven to be extremely

Timing matters.

Dave Hubbard says:

With her eyes bugging out of her skull like that and the excessive anger I
am very disappointed her head did not implode.
Somebody should put her in one of those horror movies with a chain saw.
She scared the crap out of me just watching her rant about Jesus. YOU HAVE

S.H Yoon says:

the truth is these people cannot seems sees the truth. If the economy
doesn’t collapse, then they’ll keep going it’s going to happen in 2015..and
then 2016…..

Rob Abreu says:

Lots of people might dismiss what he says as crack pot economics, but he is
right about one thing which is solid economics and which is that the
American Federal Reserve is printing money !!!

Seth Walker says:

Ignore the douchbags in Washington and listen to Peter Schaffer closely.

Enough said….

TheTexasbuddy says:

The U.S. is the largest debtor nation, our dollars and our bonds have
little value. Yet other countries line up and purchase our bonds and hoard
our dollars, seems like America will never pay the price.
If you purchased gold or silver a year ago, then their value has fallen
greatly. Who would ever have thought that the U.S. economy could flourish
by owning a printing press and gold and silver would hold such little value.
I think the rules have changed/

Chaz n Peggy D'Amato says:

Earthquake with in the next 20 years in New Jersey is my prediction. Gold
and Brass plates will be found explaining the pyramides and how they were
built! Food storage, water and bullets are the best investment for 2014!
Move to the woods, build a mud hut, stop using cell phones ~ have only a
PO Box address! CHANGE will be no IRS ~ pay taxes ~ as you buy system ~
new world currency possible to be called the Amerobama or World Donation
Currency, AmerioEuro World Currency, I like that one! Pay off all credit
cards, cars, home or move to that place you can own (with a po box) ~ RV
works! The American Woman ~ Peggy J. D’Amato, Author

SongSwan says:

It will be amusing watching people break their teeth trying to
eat,drink,and wear their gold and silver when that is all they
have….resources = wealth,no resources or access to resources = equals
poverty and death period.

Randy Sparks says:

It has taken the US a long time to crawl out of the tried takedown by Bush
and the Republicans.

SuperJV4x says:

What if all these collapse prognosticators are actually engaging in
predictive programming?

Paul Eldridge says:

May-be China and Russia need to call the loan on the debt we owe demanding
payment now at the U.N. Why does the government create debt and crisis but
blame it on the civilian population? Ain’t that theft by coercion?

espososbutterfly says:

A Muslim as us president … sick

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